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The Paul Uebel company was founded in the Saxon town of Limbach-Oberfrohna by Paul Uebel on the 1st of January, 1888. He started production with three of his own circular knitting looms manufactured by Terrot and by Fouquet & Franz, and three further circular looms leased from his father. Initially, the circular looms were turned by hand - only later were these machines powered by gas engines, and later still by electricity.

The use of modern looms enabled production that was both cheaper and produced higher than normal volumes for the region. This also allowed an increase in the range of products. One early good-quality product that proved to be a top seller was a half-woollen lining fabric that resembled real wool.

In 1927 Max Schierig joined the company.

Following the inflation period, the Paul Uebel company was able to build a large circle of domestic and export customers thanks to its punctual and precise deliveries, favourable prices and good quality. At this time, 50% of the production was exported - an important precondition for acquiring raw materials from abroad. In 1928, the company moved to its present-day accommodation at Hohensteiner Str. 2. The production capacity at this time was now of comprised 60 circular looms and 136 employees.

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